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The Magnetic Fidget Pen That Will Cure Your ADHD For Good

Practical - Designed to be fun and functional. Fidget while you work!

Endless Creations - From fidget spinners to magnetic figurines, the Jiki Pen is able to create anything imaginable.

Portable - Lightweight and durably constructed. Perfect for long classes or late-night studies.

Multi-Functioning - Includes two magnetic styluses for any touchscreen device!


We ship worldwide, no country is left behind here!

As part of our ongoing sustainability efforts, we ship all of our orders from the manufacturing hub where the Jiki Pen is made!

Eliminating extra fulfilment centres might mean your order will take a little longer to arrive, but every air mile we avoid saves about 24kg of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. (Pretty cool right?)

Once your order has been dispatched, it takes 9-18 days for your Jiki Pen to arrive!


We hate hassle. That's why we have a no fuss 7 day returns policy.

After recieving your Jiki Pen, you've got a full 7 days to get in touch and arrange a return. Check out our policy here.

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Write. Build. Fidget.

the first practical fidget pen

Dealing with ADHD everyday sucks, and we know the added stress of having to get work done doesn't help either.

The Jiki Pen is able to give you the freedom to fidget while still keeping your mind active and focused.

How It Works

  • Lets Get Practical

    The Jiki Pen is made of highly durable magnets allowing you to create your own fidgets on a fully-functioning pen.

  • Endless Creations

    Design & create thousands of unique fidgets to keep your mind active for hours.

  • Fidget Anywhere

    The Jiki Pen is lightweight and comes packed with two styluses, making it the perfect pen to travel with.

What's Included?

Customer Reviews

See why everyone's going crazy for a Jiki Pen.

Customer Reviews

Based on 122 reviews
Luis D.

These are super fun and work great with my ADHD. Their customer service is AMAZING. I'm coming back for more soon

Jason P.

My friends in class always bring these! Got one for myself and they've helped me get through so many of my classes 🙏

Cody W.

I was skeptical if it would actually help with my anxiety or not at first.. but after trying I can confirm. It definitely does

Sofia O.

Bought one for my son who has trouble focusing and he loves it. Came back to by one myself!

Emily A.

I always saw these on my fyp and finally caved.. it's the best thing I ever got off TikTok